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Senior Mountain Bike Ride

After waking up to 29 degrees and frozen water, we decided to postpone biking for the day. We decided to be a "peeper" ( thats what they call visitors who browse through Crested Butte. With its charming historical shops and restaurants, I can see why many people visit the town year -round. It's a great place for the adrenaline junkie in the winter with the steep mountain slopes surrounding the town.

Armed with hot coffee and so many layers we could hardly move, we explored Crested Butte.

It was warmer the next day, so we set out for our senior mountain bike ride, Doug's name for riding an electric bike up a very high mountain!

It felt like riding a bike through a beautiful movie! It didn't even seem real how gorgeous everything looked along the way. We wish we could capture this magestic Fall view! Our camera just won't do it!

The golden leaves of the Aspen trees with their white bark, flickered in the sunlight against the background of steep mountains. Occasionaly the wind would blow the golden leaves all around us.

We rode up the mountain to Mount Crested Butte and on up to Gothic mountain where the Rocky Mountain Learning Center est in 1928 studies wildlife and plant life in high altitudes. Marmots, a large squirrel like animal lives in these high altitudes.

We didnt see a marmot, but we saw a fox catch a rat after we returned down the mountain 😳

Pedogo Bike? Yes, but being an exercise enthusiast, I never would have believed how much I love it. We initially became interested after visiting the Pedogo shop on St Simons to buy communication helmets for our regular bikes. We became interested in the bikes after seeing how light they are and I bought them for Doug's birthday just a few weeks before starting our journey.

We love the bikes! It allows us to ride for exercise but also lets us see places we never would have had the stamina to go. Also, parking is such a big issue in many of these towns, we can easily ride and park, making most places accessible

Rule #1: Turn off the bike before getting off. I learned this while trying out the bike. My hat fell off, so I hit the brake, stopped, and started to get off the bike. As soon as I let off the brake, off it went with me hanging on sideways! I can laugh now, but I won't do that again!

So, put on your motorcycle boots, black leather jacket, and unleash that cool biker chick you always wanted to be! Just dont forget the communication helmet so your husband can hear you yell as you fly off the mountain!

Here we are all packed up- our Bette fish, Fred in his bowl tucked safely in his crate with the bible keeping him secured. I bet no Fish has traveled and camped in so many places! Have fish, will travel! After all this is a family friendly trip! No, Fred did not go on the bike ride , but he does have breakfast with us every morning🙃

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