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Did God Make It?

Did God Make it?  That is the secret to good health!  It was mid-June; we had just returned from visiting friends in Kiawah, S.C.  That can't be me in those pictures! I knew I had to lose weight and get in shape for our upcoming cross country trip.  There are so many diets, drops, shots, and fasting fads out there.  What is the best thing for me?

     Doug and I decided to just eat what God gave us.  Afterall, God gave us everything we need to live an abundant life.  We also visited the Herb Clinic in Blairsville, Gal and learned about how herbs and roots play a large part in healing our bodies.

     The weight started coming off slowly, but it came off.  We increased our walking and biking.  By July, we had added strength training to our routine to include strength training 3-4 times a week.  Not only did the weight come off, but I could start to see definition in my body.  It is amazing how much control we really do have over our bodies. 

     Here I am 3.5 months later and 12 pounds lighter with a little more definition and much happier with my new body!  My digestion, mental health, and emotional health improved also.  I am living proof you can get in shape in your 40's, 50's and in my case, your 60's.  The next time to start to put food in your mouth, just ask yourself, "Did God Make It?"  

     Doug and I walk this journey together everyday.  I would love to be a support to anyone interested in improving their health through a healthy lifestyle.  Ask God and he will walk with you and guide you too!

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