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Cows, farmland, sunflowers, sunsets, the bluest skies, and did I mention cows?

Days 4-6: Making the drive through Arkansas to Hastings, Ok was smooth riding as we admired miles of farmland dotted with large windmills. Oh my! ALOT of cows are in Oklahoma! I immediately felt like I should be decked out in full western wear complete with stirrups on my boots!

Now that's a blue sky!

Beautiful sunflowers danced im the wind along the roads!

These lush green cedars paired with the bluest of skies were a sight as we ventured out for a bike ride to explore!

The campground was big with 180 campsites. Only a handful of campers were seen as we meandered our way through the park to the back of the campground bordered by a beautiful large lake. As gorgeous as it was, we were astonished to see NOT One. Single. Person.!! We preferred the campsite next to the one reserved, so we decided to set up camp and ask about it the next day. After all, the place was pretty much empty. The next morning I saw an older lady walking towards our camper. "Doug, it's a person!" Excitedly, we opened the door and said "Good morning!" She replied " Do you know you are in the wrong site?" Uh-oh are we in trouble? Thats the look Doug and I exchanged as he told her we were just about to come to the office to check on it. She said she would have to go back to the office to see if it was ok. ( remember only a handful of sites occupied out of 180😳). I told her what a lovely campground it was and we saw her face soften into a smile. Yay! Not going to campground jail today.

Our son, Michael, joined us for dinner at camp the first night and the next night we drove to Byers,Tx to visit him. The sunset was amazing as the clouds changed to look like delicate paint strokes in the sky. Seeing Michael was the highlight of this part of the journey. Seeing the smiles on both of their faces was priceless! We are looking forward to visiting with him on our journey back and hopefully mining for diamonds in Arkansas!

Day6- Howdy folks! Here we are- all packed up, work- out complete and heading out of cow country towards Colorado with a stop- over in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Hope you come along with us!

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