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Grand Canyon & Sedona, Az.- the painted desert 🏜️

The magnificent carve in the earth, the Grand Canyon, was a sight to see. Pictures can't capture the vast beauty of it all! It's size alone is astounding! At 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep, the Grand Canyon can be seen from space!

It was a cold day, waking up to the 20's and only warming up into the 40's., we bundled up to explore. Thankfully, we rode a shuttle bus to most of the scenic views, but we managed to hike to 3 different scenic locations.

What was surprising to us were the number of old rvs scattered randomly among miles of fields along the road leading to and from the Grand Canyon. There were no signs of electricity and we realized many people were living tough lives and probably cold in this weather. It appeared to be indian country since there were imdian stores and statues in the area, but we were never able to confirm it.

Sedona, Az was astonishing! It was no disappointment traveling from the ocean to the desert. The beauty of the desert was equally appealing as the beauty of the coast.

What a sight to see!!-The Capel of the Holy Cross

Having developed from inland seas that stretched across the United States many years ago, the beauty of the red rock mountains and canyons along with the colors of many different types of plants was an amazing site! You can see in the picture below why it is known as the painted desert!

Sedona grew in popularity in the 1920's, 30's, and '40's due to the perfect location to film western movies. Later, Elvis starred in some movies made in Sedona. Even today, many celebrities and people from around the world find solace in the beauty and luxuries of Sedona.

The city gave off a different vibe than other places we have visited! The food was over the top-delicious and gave me inspiration to explore more southwestern recipes. We were pleasantly surprised with some exquisite spanish music when we stopped for coffee at a unique village.

The architecture of homes was totaly different. There were many homes composed of red or tan stucco with flat roofs.

We also saw some unusual homes like this home on the side of a cliff that could only be accessed by a cable car you can see in the circular landing station beside it. ! It looked like a spaceship with an eyeball peeking out!

Of course, no trip would be complete without a visit to the local Goodwills in Sedona and Flagstaff! We have accumulated some unique finds from the Goodwills out west; it was a totally different experience than shopping at Goodwills back home.

Doug thought he was going to need to set up camp at this last Goodwill; there were so many nice things to choose from! So much for getting an early start this morning. 😆

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02. Nov. 2023
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Going to have to get a bigger truck if ya don't stay out of Goodwill... LOL

Be safe

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03. Nov. 2023
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That is so true! Thank you!

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02. Nov. 2023
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God did create a beautiful world! People humm? Keep on posting:)

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