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Monterey/ Carmel, Ca.. Endless miles of rocky, shoreline, produce fields, shops, and golf courses.

Monterey and Carmel, Ca October 14-18

Cruising down the Monterey Coastline Bike trail on our bikes was magnificent as we watched the waves of the Pacific ocean slam against the rocky coastline. It was a great bike trail that took us along the coast and through the towns of Marina and Seaside before reaching the Fishermen's Wharf in Monterey where we were greeted by sea lions lounging on the rocks making those weird noises. We realized that must have been what was making the noises we heard throughout the night before as we slept.

On the way back, the fog rolled in making it hard to see any distance on the path. We were soon covered in a cold mist making it quite chilly, but we kept reminding each other that we are on an adventure!

Our GPS took us back a different route that abruptly ended with a broken bridge forcing us to walk our bikes down a steep path. But.. we are on an adventure!

On Monday, we rode most of the 17 Mile Drive through the Pebble Beach Golf Course where we saw some amazing views and mansions.

We visited the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Club; the flowers were stunning!

This ride was much easier with no fog and less wind.

We saw beautiful deer relaxing and grazing with the golfers! The golf course was gorgeous!

Many things are expensive in California, produce is not one of them. Miles and miles of farmland stretched out along the highways. Without the farms of California, with their rich, black soil, the US would probably starve

The fields were extremely level with rows spaced perfectly apart. We visited several farmer markets. I couldn't believe how reasonable the prices were. The markets were so much fun with live music. We stocked up on produce since we are cooking most meals.

We bought our fish, Fred, some succulents to look at!

We went back to the airstream where Doug started chopping and I started cooking. We made some really good dishes from scractch including salads, and meat loaf with mushroom sauce and pea shoots.

We made a Shrimp chowder with corn Doug scraped off the cobb, fresh peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes, and lots of seasonings.

For Doug, I made oatmeal apple raisin muffins. It's amazing what we managed to cook in that little Airstream!

We are all packed up again and heading on down the road, still in awe over the miles of farms, thousands of acres, and workers picking produce! California should be known for their produce, not their movie stars!

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Oct 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Fred has a good view😊 awesome

Oct 23, 2023
Replying to

Fred is a trooper and very tough fish! He has sloshed around in that bowl so much!

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