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Our last California Coastal Adventure: Oceanside/ Carlsbad Ca

October 22-24 2023: Reflecting on our time in Carpenteria, its hard to imagine a nicer place with its small, pristine town. But, we headed on down the road south along the coast.

With so many people and so much traffic, it took most of the day to drive through L. A. We both agreed we were grateful to make it through the city to our lovely campground in Oceanside, Ca.

It was a jewel of a campground with a pool, hot tub (where we made new friends), gas fire pits, and a special paved trail with tropical plants, murals, and duck habitats ....

...........that led to one of the few spots to enjoy the beach.

We enjoyed a nice walk and our morning coffee on the beach!

Later we went on an inviting bike ride along the water as we enjoyedthe warmth of the sun, and viewing some very cool beach

homes, boats and coastal wildlife!

Now, driving back through L. A., we are so excited to see the Sequoia National Forest in about 5 hours. But, first we must tackle this:

I am so grateful for Doug's calm demeanor in traffic and excellent driving skills!

Jesus, thank you for my husband who has nerves of steel. Thank you for blessing us with this journey and we are so grateful for your love!

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