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Rocky Mountain High ♥️

Arriving in Steamboat Springs, Co on Friday was magical with its bustling downtown area, cool campground, and gorgeous Aspen trees lining the rapidly flowing river.

The downtown district was home of electic shops, art galleries, and restaurants. We spent Friday walking through the city

Saturday was a biking day for us on the beautiful Yampa River Trail that wound through the city along the river, over bridges, and through tunnels. It was stunning with the fall foilage and exquisite statues along the way. Ebikes were very popular as kids of all ages zipped around the curves quickly.

There was only one odd thing about Steaboat Springs It had a funky smell! Then, we found it! Hot sulphur springs- beautiful, but no Dont get in it!

I kept feeling like I was riding through a storybook; it was so gorgeous!

We stopped along the way and walked through the Botanical Gardens, saw a beautiful wedding, and took a ton of beautiful pictures in the Fall leaves!

On Sunday, we drove through the Rocky Mountain National Forest. The only word: breathtaking!!

The elevation was 12,200 in some places! Look at these beauties!

This has been an amazing leg of the journey and we are so grateful to have each other to share the journey together!

Jesus, thank you for our relationship thank you for your love that you have so richly shared with us! Please be with us as we travel through Utah to Nevada today for our next adventure- opal mining!

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02 oct 2023
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Seems like it's more beautiful with each state! Stay safe..

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