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Sonoma and Napa Wine Country💕

We entered the beautiful rolling hills of the vineyards. As gorgeous as they were from a distance, the close up view was even more amazing with clusters of grapes hanging on the vines ready for harvest!

We rode bikes through Sonoma valley to get an up close and personal experience with the vineyards and had a lovely picnic while watching Lili browse around and inspect all of the new smells of different plants. Lili was in heaven!

We visited the oldest vineyard in California, Buena Vista Vineyards , established in the late 1800's. It had a distinct European flair with the architectural and grounds. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed sipping wine while relaxing and while browsing the property

The homes along the way were so perfectly manicured.

In Napa Valley, we visited a modern winery/ vineyard. The architecture was totally different from the vintage winery we visited the previous day. Beautiful roses lined the walkways and vineyards.

We drove to St. Helena, Ca and visited the Raymond Winery. We tasted amazing wines in the Crystal tasting room. Just like the name implied, the room housed elegant chandeliers, crystal wine glasses, and beautiful mirrors.

Lili said she felt like a princess sitting on her 'crystal' chair!♥️

Our host, Leo, was fun, knowledgeable, and made the whole experience extra special! Im not a big wine lover, but their wines were by far the best I've ever tasted!

Lili loved the big goats housed at the vineyards!

We took a "sip and stroll" through Beringer Vineyard. It appeared to be an older winery with ancient architecture and beautiful grounds.

Afterwards, Doug treated me to the most amazing date night at a nice restaurant, Farmstead, and we had the most incredible dinner! We even splurged and had dessert, something rare for us these days! It was so special!

It was delicious! Umm, more recipes to explore.

My handsome husband, Doug; Im so blessed!

It is Saturday, Oct 14, a gorgeous sunny day, and we are moving our Airstream, "Gracie" on down the road. The next stop will be close to Monterey and Carmel By The Sea. We are looking forward to more adventures as we travel down the coast to San Diego.

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