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Turtle RV Park. Eufaula, Ok

Turtle RV Park. Eufala, Ok

Day 4: After driving 5 hours from Memphis, we spent the night at a gem of a private campground, Turtle RV Park. The place was immaculate! We were not expecting such a nice place out in the middle of nowhere. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a nice, cool temp! Windy and cool!! After a good breakfast and a good ol' workout utilizing our airstream, picnic table, and resistance bands, we explored the grounds.

Nevermind the hair- we haven't got that far yet😆Hey! You have to use what ya' got! Lol. Resistance bands are light, easy to pack, and give a good work out!

We explored the campground before heading out to our next destination. The pool setting was unique with palm trees made from medal. It looked very cool! They had a pickleball court (we haven't played yet but we have heard that it is pretty much mandatory for our age group and we will definitely give it a whirl soon. )

Lili loved the dog park complete with one tree and a fire hydrant. She wasn't sure what to do with it!

After packing our protein shakes, nuts, and fruit for the day, we hit the road headed towards Hastings, Oklahoma. We are so excited to see Michael O'Dell at our ( hopefully) lakeside camping spot for the next few days just 3.5 hours away!

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